You can play our Candy Jam Game now!

After a week of hard work we finished our game entry for the Candy Jam. Check it out by clicking right here and play it and maybe rate it or comment on it!

The game is a combined effort of Johann “Carbonated_Soda” Ackerman, David “Skyhark” Svensson, and me. We are all part of Wedge Labs and also still working on Project Harmony!

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posted : Tuesday, 4th February, 2014

Trademark for the word “candy” affects game developers

Candy Crush Saga developer has trademarked the common word “candy” and wants to get “saga” too. Why a trademark for a simple word was allowed to be trademarked by a company is a mystery to me, but that is what happened. The word “saga” is next on their list. It would be feasible to trademark “Candy Crush” or even “Candy Crush Saga”, but common words like “candy” and “saga” that have been in use for hundreds of years and have been used in games before should not be available for trademarks.              

Siehe unten für eine deutsche Übersetzung.

I won’t go into too much detail about what games with “candy” have come before, but here is an effort to create a list of games with candy in their name. An example that stands out is the board game Candy Land that was first published in 1949.

So, why is this a big deal? The trademark applies not only to games, but also clothing, computer peripherals and accessories, cameras, headphones… you see where this is going. There are reports that indie developers have received letters from King’s lawyers because of trademark disputes over “candy” in the name of their games.

Now even The Banner Saga, a game about Norse mythology, appears to be dragged into the mess for their use of “saga”. King apparently sent them a letter since they have used the word “saga” before in their games and they want to avoid that “The Banner Saga” as a whole can be trademarked.

What can we do about this? As the gaming industry is of interest to me, I don’t want to stand idly by as big companies make ridiculous trademarks for common words and go down on indie developers. If you feel the same, here is what you can do. There is a 30 day period to challenge the trademark. A petition is being started over on reddit. There is also the Candy Jam – a game jam started on reddit to make games with the theme “candy” in an effort to challenge King.

Make your own opinion on the matter and depending on how you feel about this join in against trademarks of this kind or make your voice heard for King, that is your choice. You can contact King through their website regardless of what you want to tell them. If you don’t want to support King, then not playing their games would be a good step too.

Deutsche Übersetzung:

Candy Crush Saga Entwickler hat das gemeine Wort “candy” (Bonbon, Süßigkeit) als Markenzeichen eingetragen, und sie wollen „saga“ (Saga, z.B. Nibelungensaga) auch. Warum ein einfaches Wort als Markenzeichen für eine Firma eingetragen werden konnte ist mir ein Rätsel, aber so ist es. „Saga“ ist das nächste Wort auf ihrer Liste. Es wäre plausibel „Candy Crush“ oder „Candy Crush Saga“ als Markenzeichen einzutragen, aber gemeine Worte die seit hunderten von Jahren im Gebrauch sind, und auch schon seit Jahren in Spielen im Gebrauch sind, sollten außen vor sein.

Ich werde nicht ins Detail gehen über die Spiele mit “candy” im Namen die es lange vor Candy Crush gab, aber es gibt eine Bemühung eine Liste mit Spielen zu erstellen. Ein Beispiel wäre das Brettspiel Candy Land das zuerst 1949 erschien.

Warum ist das alles ein Problem? Das Markenzeichen betrifft nicht nur Spiele, sondern auch Kleidung, Computer Peripherie (Mäuse, Tastaturen), Kameras, Kopfhörer… du siehst wohin das geht. Es gibt Meldungen darüber das Spieleentwickler Briefe von King’s Anwälten über Markenzeichen Konflikte erhalten falls ihre Spiele „candy“ im Namen tragen.

Selbst das Spiel The Banner Saga, ein Spiel über Nordische Mythologie, wird jetzt hineingezogen, da sie „saga“ im namen haben. King hat ihnen anscheinend einen Brief geschickt da sie in ihren Spielen bereits das Wort „saga“ benutzen, und sie wollen verhindern das „The Banner Saga“ als Begriff als Markenzeichen eingetragen werden kann.

Was können wir tun? Da mir die Spieleindustrie am Herzen liegt, will ich nicht untätig daneben stehen wenn große Unternehmen lächerliche Markenzeichen eintragen und dann Spieleentwickler angreifen. Falls es dir genauso geht, es gibt eine 30 tägige Frist das Markenzeichen anzufechten. Eine Petition wurde auf reddit gestartet. Es gibt auch den Candy Jam – ein Game Jam der auf reddit gestartet wurde um Spiele um das Thema „candy“ zu erstellen – als Herausfordering an King.

Mach dir eine eigene Meinung und je nachdem was du denkst, hilf im Kampf gegen Markenzeichen wie diese oder sprech dich für King aus, das ist deine Entscheidung. Was auch immer du King sagen möchtest, du kannst sie hier kontaktieren. Eine weitere Methode gegen King wäre es ihre Spiele nicht mehr zu spielen.

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posted : Wednesday, 22nd January, 2014

YWHTG Update 1.2 for Newgrounds

After a lot of debugging I have added Newgrounds medals and leaderboard support to You Will Hate This Game on – with the new version 1.2 update. There are 15 medals for a total of 500 Newgrounds medal points. All have their own unique icons, plus new unlock graphics and sounds in-game.

If you have played the game before, please consider giving it another go. The difficulty, which used to be a big problem, has been adjusted according to the feedback I received.

Since the new features are exclusive to Newgrounds, I doubt they will be making their way to the version. It was also a test for me to try out how to implement these functions. I will try and add leaderboards and possibly medals to level.break as well and my upcoming flash game: Lucky Dragon.

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posted : Wednesday, 22nd January, 2014

Happy New Year!

I have nothing special prepared, so I just wish you a happy new year! Germany is now in 2014, so I will wait for you in the future if you are in a timezone that’s behind. 

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posted : Wednesday, 1st January, 2014

TSW: Stir of Echoes Redux – Original Investigation Mission with Prizes

Do you play The Secret World and look for something to do on Saturday the 7th December? You like to win prizes and you like investigation missions? Then I got just the right thing for you!

On the 7th December at 7PM sharp Beyond the Veil will do a repeat of their original investigation mission Stir of Echoes. I have already played this the first time they did it and it was awesome. I actually won the grand prize, although it was a close call.

This time around the prizes are a little different, but they’re still prizes. The first person to complete it will win 1200 Funcom points and a Beyond the Veil in-game T-shirt. Everyone who participates and finishes within 2 hours gets the T-shirt as well. We all win!

You have to sign up on the forum here to be eligible to win.

Good luck and have fun! See you on Saturday.

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posted : Friday, 6th December, 2013

No Rest for the Wicked: Site Update

I have updated some more links, typos, and descriptions across the site. If you don’t yet know I have expanded my section for The Secret World with useful links. I am also in the process of adding a section for some of my short stories. I haven’t fully figured out how I will do it yet exactly. There are of course copyright concerns, but the formatting for stories is also not the best here on tumblr. I may look into some fiction-sites that let you publish work.

I have also added a “Support Me” link. Please have a look at it and see if you would consider supporting me. I will spare you the details, but things don’t look so good and I may be in serious trouble next year. That’s why I’m currently doing anything for money looking for ways to improve my situation.

Oh, and here is what you might have been waiting for when you saw the title.

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posted : Friday, 29th November, 2013

TSW Cabal Fenrir’s Legacy 1st Year Anniversary Events

As you may already know I’m part of the cabal Fenrir’s Legacy in The Secret World. As you may or may not know Fenrir’s Legacy is celebrating its 1st Year Anniversary on this coming Saturday the 23rd November 2013. There will be a Hide & Seek event for cabal members only (Yeah, sorry, them is the rules!), but also events open to all players of The Secret World: A Fashion Contest in the Albion Theatre, a Dance Party in the same place, Flash Mob events throughout the day, and the awesome DJ Cherri from Gridstream Productions will be playing music for the event.

You can check all the event details here and here is the post on the official forums concerning the Fashion Contest in particular. It says the events start at 12PM EST / 5 PM GMT, but that’s the time for every single event, so I’m not quite sure how that is going to work. I’ll ask around what’s up with that.

If you are playing The Secret World then come join us for the celebration on November 23rd and if you’re not playing yet, then get the game already – it’s great! I might also still be able to hook you up with a 3 day trial if you contact me with your email address via “Ask Me Anything.”

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posted : Monday, 18th November, 2013